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The Your Experience of Service (YES) survey is a validated measure of consumer experience of public mental health services. Developed by the Australian Department of Health, the YES survey is available under licence, free of charge, to service providers. Information of the survey tool and how to access the survey is available at

Bheard has recently undertaken a telephone survey of over 1000 mental health consumers using the YES survey. Of the consumers contacted and eligible to complete the survey, we had a completion rate of 70%!

Our staff have lived experience as consumers or carers. Our genuine interest and understanding flowed through to consumers completing the survey. They wanted to talk about their experience and we wanted to listen.

We found a telephone-based approach not only resulted in a higher response rate than email and online surveys, but respondents felt valued and listened to.

Our approach ensured accurate completion of the survey and collected real feedback on behaviours experienced by consumers and identified practical opportunities for improvement.

The ability to flag issues for immediate action provided the service with the opportunity to address issues before they became a complaint, or a reason to seek an alternative provider.

Other consumer experience and outcome surveys

We have also developed customised survey tools for outpatient counselling and wellness services. We are currently working with a disability service provider and childcare services, to develop validated consumer experience surveys for their respective consumer groups.

More info

We are happy to discuss the range of consumer experience and outcome surveys that are available and how we can help you.

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