Many organisations have routine consumer satisfaction measures and complaints processes in place for their services. But, do consumers, families, carers and staff have confidence in them? Do they feel comfortable and safe enough to provide feedback?

Protect your consumers, your staff and your Board. Have processes in place to reduce the risk of abuse occurring; to detect risk early and respond appropriately.

Can you be sure that you are getting an accurate report on feedback received?

Bheard provides independent surety that consumers, families, carers and staff can tell you if there is a problem.

Not asking and not knowing, is not an excuse!

“Members of the governing body and senior executive officers of the institutions that the Royal Commission [Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse] has in mind may be subject to an equitable duty owed to the institution to exercise due care and diligence, which may be reinforced by contractual duties in the case of executive officers.

In this respect their duties, at a conceptual level, would be substantially similar to the general law and contractual duties of company officers.”

Martyn Hagan, Supplementary Submission on Redress and Civil Litigation Issues Law Council of Australia, 2015.