How do you know you have systems and processes in place to provide safe and effective services and measure performance?

Drawing from best practice clinical governance, quality and safety standards we have developed a checklist for policy and process.

Our independence and recommendations will assist in meeting accreditation standards and developing an effective risk management plan.

Our focus is to identify practical opportunities for improvement.

We can work with you to develop and implement.


Checklist ( Where do you sit? Tick the box below )

Do you have an accessible and ‘plain English’ policy for consumer feedback?

Is there a clear implementation strategy, with defined processes and accountabilities?

Are consumers and staff aware of this policy?

Are there mechanisms to monitor implementation and collect outcome data?

Do you monitor and benchmark outcomes that are being achieved?

Do you ensure that outcomes are being reported to decision-makers?

Do you collect evidence of change, resulting from the information received?

Do you monitor, collect and report information on the impact of these changes?

Do you have a clear strategy and timeframe for review and update of existing policy?


Our review process utilises 97 quality indicators to check your organisation’s policies and processes.