Our Story

Bheard is our passion and our purpose.

Now, more than ever, services need to listen to consumers.

It’s time for consumers to speak up and shape the services they use.

We help consumers tell their story.

We help businesses listen.

We have lived experience as consumers, carers, advocates and service providers.

Work with us today, to make a difference tomorrow.

On-boarding Toozly
On-boarding Toozly

We are committed to what we do


We are committed to improving service quality.

Numerous enquiries into abuse and system failure have shown that there has been repeated early warning signs. These have either been hidden, not reported to management, not recognised, or not acted upon.

Success in a consumer-centric and market-driven environment requires services to listen to and be responsive to consumers.

We guarantee services will hear unfiltered feedback from consumers to improve services, ensure quality and reduce the risk of harm to consumers.


We ensure services hear their consumers

Bheard provides an independent link between services and consumers.

Services engaging Bheard are committed to listening to their consumers.

We guarantee:

  • Consumers: that their feedback will be heard by management
  • Services: independent and unfiltered feedback on what consumers want, feel and experience.

We apply this experience to create a win-win relationship between businesses and consumers.

Our pricing is transparent. We provide value for money.

We support organisations working for change. Our commitment is to donate 10% of our time and resources to ensuring everyone can have a voice and that their story is heard.

We are a diversity employer

Our team is Australian-based and we have:

  • lived experience as consumers and carers
  • worked in frontline service delivery and management
  • assisted organisations to improve efficiency
  • been on Boards.

You can be sure you’re talking to somebody who understands.

We bring empathy to every encounter.

Everyone is listened to, understood, and their message voiced to their service provider in ways that enable change.

Every person has their story

We are not a phone service. We are a conversation service. Everyone has their own story to tell; in their own way; in their own time. We help consumers articulate their story.

We believe that a safe, confidential and supportive environment is critical in gaining honest feedback.

We do not use scripts; we do not push people to answer multiple questions.

We identify the behaviours that underlie the compliment or concern. We want to understand why people have contacted us.

We listen. We act. We support services to resolve.

Bheard, the independent indicator of quality

Bheard is an independent indicator of a service’s commitment to listening to their consumers.

Consumers choosing a service carrying the Bheard logo can be confident that the service:

  • Wants to hear their feedback.
  • Will respond to their feedback.
  • Will use the feedback to improve their services.

Services using Bheard can be confident of:

  • Honest and unfiltered feedback.
  • A partnership with consumers that leads to quality improvements.
  • Increased consumer loyalty and referrals.
  • First and early warning of any problems in service delivery.

Honesty, respect, reliability, trust, integrity, commitment

Honesty: We are open and honest, we tell it like it is.

Respect: Consumer and service provider confidentiality is respected.

Reliability: We do what we say we will do.

Trust: We trust services to respond to feedback in a timely and honest manner.
We do not work with service that breech this trust.

Integrity: We comply with all Australian mandatory reporting requirements.
Consumers are advised of other complaint processes open to them.

Commitment: We believe in what we’re doing and know we’re doing good, better.