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So, you want to employ a consultant?

In today’s business climate, it is not unusual for organisations to require the services of an external consultant for specialist services. If chosen wisely, the investment in a consultant can offer significant benefits; leveraging external experience, knowledge and technical skills to deliver a post-effective solution to the problem at hand. If chosen haphazardly, you can spend a lot of money, time, and frustration to reach an outcome that doesn’t meet your needs. To ensure you always choose wisely, consider these six key steps to make the selection of a consultant easier and achieve value for money. Think about the problem […]

Your Experience of Service Yes, we do YES

The Your Experience of Service (YES) survey is a validated measure of consumer experience of public mental health services. Developed by the Australian Department of Health, the YES survey is available under licence, free of charge, to service providers. Information of the survey tool and how to access the survey is available at Bheard has recently undertaken a telephone survey of over 1000 mental health consumers using the YES survey. Of the consumers contacted and eligible to complete the survey, we had a completion rate of 70%! Our staff have lived experience as consumers or carers. Our genuine interest […]

Keeping Your Reputation – Integrity Risks for NFPs

Written by: David Barefoot – June 16 2016 Published Better Boards June 13, 2016 integrity-risks-nfps/ Recent cases questioning the integrity of some Not-for-Profit (NFPs) organisations highlight changing accountability requirements for the sector. As more public funds are provided to the NFP sector to deliver public services a higher level of public accountability is being applied to the sector. NFPs able to negotiate this transition will distinguish themselves in the market. For some, the recent Anzac commemorations were tainted by the Department of Veteran Affairs stripping the Camp Gallipoli Foundation of its permit to use the protected word “Anzac”. This […]